Friday, March 23, 2012

Drusy / Druzy / Druse

Magnificent drusy, oh my.  So lovely, so delicate, so . . . sparkly!

Drusy, also known as druse, druzy and drusies, is the layer of tiny crystals over the surface of another stone. These encrustations or clusters of crystals can look like sparkling sugar, snow or frozen dew. When these crystals are very fine, they can give the rock a soft and velvety appearance.

Most drusy is found within the walls of hollow agate or chalcedony stones. They are created when ground water carrying dissolved silica is forced into the porous area of these rocks. Then rapid cooling occurs and causes the formation of these crystals on the surfaces of the cavity. What results are little, crystal caves, or geodes.
Drusy gems form naturally over millions of years, and these enchanting crystal-coated caves are found all over the world. 
I have a few fabulous drusy pieces in my shop– 
large quartz drusy on agate
little drusy planets
carnelian with minute drusy
blue lace chalcedony w/ drusy

Now this stunning specimen is velvety azurite and malachite geode. I'd love to find some of this stone . . . wow.
It reminds me of the captivating drawings of Amy Sacksteder.

If you're in the mood for an adventure  . . . find more of her wonderful work  - here


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