Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Wurlington Bros Press produces incredible paper models, many of them on postcards. Here are some of the Chicago goodies assembled . . .

And there are so many more! I tackled the Independence Hall postcard. Here I go  . . .

the start,
ok, tabs and squares, easy enough. . . 
wow, there are some very narrow pieces in here . . .
geez, that's a dome . . . and the tip top. . .  and railing?!
Success! That was quite fun.  And rather addictive; 
I want to build more.  They turn out really nice.

The incredibly talented, and precise, Matt Bergstrom is behind this magic. He is a wonder.  To create these models,  he goes to the site, measures, photographs, draws and renders it all himself. Then he scales it, builds it and includes the step by step plans. These renderings are so beautiful, but it's an incredible amount of work. Even the illustrated instructions fit on the postcard.

When he visited Philadelphia to work on the Independence Hall postcard he added an extra special bonus to this project. Within the postcard are a few figures; a guard, Ben Franklin and two walking figures. The two walking figures are my husband and I. And here's the 'kicker'.  Precise Matt is SO precise that . . . he even. . . check out . . . the shoes. . . .

. . . these are my (old, worn) shoes. I built this model in them. I can't think of a higher honor than to be immortalized in miniature.

Find more amazing things at the Wurlington Bros Press site. I mean, c'mon, you want to. Order or download something and build it. It's fun! It's amazing. Have I properly conveyed how awesome these things are?  They. are. SO. awesome.


PS - If you plan to order any, I suggest getting two. Just in case there is a slip of the blade. (which can happen *er-hum*)

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