Friday, June 15, 2012

Tiki Trailer - final peeks

Although there are a few small things yet to add, let me present the (mostly done) Tiki Trailer

 The delightful dining area, with a big tiki from the Hukilau in the background

 A slightly wider shot, showing the layout, huge skylight and white kitchen and the edge of the beautiful bedroom

From the flat packed box photo -

To the glorious golden shell w/ orange stripe. HOT.
(Note the extra window added on the front side)

Once we get the wheels on . . . road trip!
( . . . to get more tikis, of course!)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Socorro Mineralogical Museum, NM

What's fun? A visit to the Mineralogical Museum on the New Mexico Tech Campus in Socorro, New Mexico, thank you very much. Let's begin by looking through their fantastic, local specimens . . .

 huge piece of Chrysoprase and drusy detail

Smithsonite, a gorgeous NM specialty

and . . . Wulfenite?
What is Wulfenite?

So begins an interest in Wulfenite. Next up - an investigation into this mineral.